Artist Statement

My work is organic and inventive, mentored by my New England landscape, I gather insights into the earths abounding beauty and awe, leading me to paths of my own creativity. I have had a life long connection with art, it's history, design and creating. This has evolved into my life as an artist, culminating in metalsmithing.

I am an experienced studio jeweler of many years and continue to challenge myself with new materials and techniques. I am a true mixed-media artist combining materials and fabricating by the means of casting, soldering, piercing, forging and cold working. The creation of invisible connections and the embellishment of natural materials is something I have developed a great skill for. I am continually working within these restraints, pressing myself to be fresh and inventive, striving to look at details and perfecting design. Often I give myself assignments of working within parameters to push the depth of skill and use of materials. Constantly learning always evolving, at present I have a interest with glass.

I have an ever present goal of duplicating the symmetry, simplicity and complexity of good design. I find that the root of this discipline is found in nature a never ending resource I continually study. My art serves me, as a place of comfort and familiarity, a safe place, a likeness to a meditative mindset, often renewing and grounding.

In the end I wish my art to convey societies ever evolving relationship with the environment sometime simple, undisturbed and graceful. At other times altered, overly embellished and stamped with the imprint of human interaction.